hello, i'm periwinkle, although i often go by peri. my username in many places is lieutenantperiwinkle, but the lieutenant has fallen off over time, as has the -winkle. i'm a high school senior, the president of my robotics team, and i've been programming and using linux since 2019. it all started for me when i was first building my computer and didn't want to pay money for windows, and i've sort of snowballed from there. (i guess it really all started with using scratch in grade school, although i'm not sure that counts.) i've worked on a lot of different projects, but my most important project is mist. along with programming, i do some system administration. in fact, i'm selfhosting this site, a matrix homeserver, and jellyfin, among other things. you can see information about my setup here. sometimes i stream on twitch.

though i'm ostensibly a software person, i also like to make physical things, and am reasonably okay at it. i own a 3d printer (modded ender 3) but at school often work with several, and i'm also fairly experienced with fusion 360 and openscad. i like to think i'm good at soldering but every project (especially the per-key lighting on my sofle rgb keyboard) knocks me down a few pegs. this doesn't mean that i don't enjoy it, though. i also do a lot of building for frc and vex, which has given me pretty good metal skills, but basically no woodworking.

i read a lot of manga these days and used to watch a lot of anime but haven't in a while. my favorites in both categories are bungou stray dogs and fullmetal alchemist (brotherhood).

you can contact me on matrix @periwinkle:periwinkle.sh or on discord @peri#5821 or through email peri <at> periwinkle <dot> sh

programming languages:

small subset of the music that i enjoy:

favorite video games