this blog post is about ΔV, a rhythm game i'm working on. you can find all posts about deltav here

so what is this deltav thing anyway?

A long time ago, like a year and a half or something, I paid on kickstarter for a game called unbeatable. There's a demo thing of it on steam right now, which is really fun. The gameplay is just super satisfying. I thought I was good at the game (at least A rank on every unbeatable-difficulty and S-rank on like half of them) until they started releasing more difficulties worse than 'unbeatable'. Anyway, I really enjoy this style of gameplay, and rather than purchasing and playing muse dash, I decided to just make my own game instead.

Or, I made this decision in december 2021. Yeah.

Sometime in January 2022, I killed off the project, for reasons that I'm currently not actually sure of. I had this idea the entire time since then that it was because of issues detecting hits accurately, but it definitely was not that, because the hit detection worked fine when I dredged up the project out of the depths of my storage drive.

Since it seemed to be working fine again, I decided to fix it up a bit and at least make it somewhat more usable as a demo, instead of just a... thing. All of the game mechanics are effectively done, and I'm working on the menu setup at the moment. Spritework and other things that make the game look pretty (animations? never heard of em) are a distant second priority, because I'm not artistic at all.

why would i make this if i could just play unbeatable instead

Excellent question.

ok but really

I love the aesthetic of unbeatable, but honestly it can just get real distracting from the game sometimes. Never enough that I feel like it affects my performance, so I'm not about to use the plethora of accessibility settings to make the game look boring and lame, but still. Once I eventually decide to put my pixelart hat on, I'll try to make this a totally different aesthetic that is less distracting. Maybe.

(Unmute the audio in this clip and maybe you'll see why this game is so satisfying)

Only a little bit distracting (please pardon my atrocious gameplay in this clip)

Also, i just wanted a project, and I have also wanted to make a game for a while, and this seemed like reduced effort compared to a normal game where you might have to

Finally, i love the aesthetic of unbeatable, but I like spaceships a lot more. so the final goal (once i eventually decide to put my pixelart hat on) will be to make it spacey instead of vhs-anime-ey. (vhs-anime-spacey??)