what is this post

i've been too busy to put together one big post about something (there's one that's vaguely in the works but i haven't worked on it in a while) so instead here's a selection of some of the more interesting things i've been doing lately

perish (dynamically)

i built a page that shows the current usage and some other information about my two servers. this doesn't seem that interesting but it's the first tiny piece of dynamic content being served by a small new project, perish. perish is just going to host other similar bits of dynamic content for the site, never anything too big. it may not even grow past stats, depending on what i think of to add to it.

gee, peri,

speaking of the web, since i'm tired of feeling like i'm fighting hugo all the time, i decided to start working on my own site generator. it's not very far right now (in fact, i have to this point been avoiding any potentially complex tasks as much as possible) but hopefully i will end up with something that works in the way that i want it to. it's called perigee and it's mostly inspired by things that i do and don't like about hugo.

i mist that one

i guess i've been working on mist recently, since the last blog post i stapled together a split tool which is pretty much mostly usable, on the split-tool branch. i haven't looked at that in a while, but what i have looked at recently is the prospect of adding autosave and restore to mist. this is entirely functional, but i haven't yet totally figured out exactly how i want the user experience to look, and also for some reason have not yet committed it to any branch. coming soon tm though.

8 whole prints???

octoprint is a self-hosted service for controlling and monitoring your 3d printer. it usually would run on a raspberry pi, but as you may know, mine is not really available. there's an alternate distribution called octo4a that can be installed on android, so i figured i'd resurrect an old phone. i first pulled out my 2015 moto e from the drawer, turned it on... and....

The bootloader screen of my ancient phone

Maybe this is a sign...

After about four hours digging through xda-developers forums and downloading shady-looking firmware links, I just gave up on this thing. i don't think it's recoverable, and if it is it would probably cost much more money than the phone is actually worth. So, onto the next one from the drawer, a moto g5 plus from 2017. I had much more success with this one, and then realized I had no way to actually set it up to record video footage of the printer. while you can just use octoprint to control the printer, it's nice to have a video feed also. so i decided to print a camera arm for it off of thingiverse. this was lame though, since i could not make use of the new thing i had just set up on the print, which was 11 hours. so i set up the Worlds Greatest and Most Stable Phone Holder to get just the right angle view of the bed.

An incredibly cursed setup for holding the phone over the printer involving a roll of tape, another old phone, and a hotend shroud

Yes, it's as stable as it looks

This is, in fact, a 2017 phone jammed into a roll of masking tape, being held onto by the oem metal hotend shroud from my printer, counterweighted by the 2015 phone, and then placed on top of my conveniently-located zelda books. It did work and now I have a functioning octoprint server on a real camera arm, but that's boring. I'm also working on a page for this site where you can see if I have a print running and watch the camera feed.